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Great Manager Awards Program is a joint initiative by People Business and Times of India to identify and reward organizations with "Great Managers" in India and enable the participant organizations to compare and benchmark themselves across the industry.

This program comprises of two categories:

  • Assessing the companies
  • Assessing the managers

As part of this assessment, all participating organizations/managers are measured using the R-Opti Model™. We ask a representative sample of your organization’s employees to share their feedback on the five variables, which, in our research, define a great manager from employees’ perspective. We get this information by getting the employees to fill a detailed employee survey questionnaire. Based on the employee responses, we compile the data and publish - the companies with the highest scores as “Companies with Great managers” and the managers with highest scores as “Great Managers”

The two categories of Great Manager Awards Program are

  • Companies with Great Managers: This survey allows organizations to participate at a corporate level rather than focus on individual managers. All the participant organizations will select a sample set of employees to participate in the survey based on the size of the organization. The aggregate score of all the participants in the organization will be the aggregate Great Managers” Score for the organization. The companies with the highest aggregate scores will be declared as the “Company with Great Managers”
  • Hunt for Great Managers: “Hunt for Great Managers” is designed for the companies who want to position their “Great” managers against those from other organizations. The nominated mangers will be assessed on the key managerial criteria based on R-OPTI model. Post survey, the managers will undergo a Psychometric assessment to understand the personality traits of each manger and will be followed by an interview with industry experts. “Hunt for Great Managers” will allow the organizations to gauge the effectiveness of the “Great” managers within their organizations as opposed to the “Great Managers” across the participant organizations.

Companies that wish to participate can register here as a first step of expressing their interest to us. Our Great Manager representative will conduct a background qualification research. On being qualified, our representative will send you an invitation to complete the registration formalities and will take you through the further process.

The organizations can nominate their managers based on the following criteria All the nominees:

  • Should have spent at least one year in the organization (Compulsory)
  • Other criteria that organizations may consider for selecting their managers are Should have a history of being the high performing managers or managing high performing teams
  • Should have a record of achieving larger business results
  • Should have established their personal credibility as a manager over their time in the organization.

It is suggested that nomination in the organization is done through the following means:

  • Self-nomination
  • Nomination by the HR
  • Nomination by functional/Business Heads
  • Nomination by team members

Number of managers to be nominated for Hunt for Great managers and the criteria apart from the compulsory one is the choice of the organization.

Great managers are critical and imperative to the success of any organization. ‘Great’ managers are different from ‘good’ managers in driving results by getting the very best out of the people/teams they manage. They are comfortable to entrust responsibilities to the employees and also involve them in decision making and improvement. Our research on “What Great Managers do” has evolved the R-OPTI model where Great Managers drive results through people performance, team effectiveness, organization vision and individual credibility. It is important that organizations identify their “Great Managers” and reward them as well as groom them as the organization’s future leaders. Our Correlation Analysis on various constructs of our model showed a high correlation between the constructs.

Results Organization Vision People Performance Team Effectiveness Individual Credibility
Results 1
Organization Vision 0.6** 1
People Performance 0.82** 0.67** 1
Team Effectiveness 0.74** 0.44* 0.71** 1
Individual Credibility 0.62** 0.61** 0.63** 0.66 ** 1

** - Significance at 0.01, * - significance at 0.05

  • A Scientific Research Model: PB’s R-OPTI model of defining a Great Manager is based on our extensive research supported by methodical analysis of the five constructs: Driving Results, Aligning Organization Vision, Enhancing People Performance, Building Team Effectiveness and Maintaining Individual Credibility
  • Focus on your Managers: One of the most critical stakeholders in your organization is your managers. No matter what other structures and supports are in place, the manager is key to individual engagement and is a substitute for management at the local level.
  • Extend your Brand: PB’s partnership with the Times Group provides you with an opportunity to position yourself against your peers and brand your organization’s managerial capability to not just your current and future employees but also across the industry.
  • Best Practice Learning: Through comparison and ranking, you can benchmark and learn from the top organizations in terms of their best practices and therefore create an agenda for managerial capability building by identifying strengths and areas of opportunities.
  • Hunt Your Great Managers: Through identifying, assessing and recognizing Great Managers in your organization, you can provide an avenue for great managers to benchmark with the best, identify their strengths, provide guidance for development and enable them become the best.

Times of India is our exclusive partner for Great Manager Awards Program. This is our joint initiative to identify and reward organizations with "Great Managers" in India and also enable the participant organizations to compare and benchmark themselves across in the industry.

Once the organization confirms its participation by registering, our representatives will follow up with you based on background qualification research. Upon qualification, we will send you an invitation to participate requesting for templates and data required from you to conduct the survey. Post the administration of the survey across the organization, we will compile the results for further analysis and reporting. We will rank a portion of the participant organizations as “Companies with Great Managers”, based on measurement criteria.

The survey will strictly be conducted in online format. The survey is designed in line with the R-OPTI model and the managers will be scored on all the five dimensions. Ratings for the online survey will be done on a scale of 1 to 5

Results will be announced in the month of October, and successful organisations will be notified if they are qualified as “Companies with Great Managers”/ “Hunt for Great Managers” and they will be recognised by our media partner Times of India, at specific executive events and conferences.

People Business has tied up with Prof(Dr). Sumanta Basu of IIM Calcutta as an Advisor for the program The major role of the advisor is to review the survey process and results calculations based on the analytics used.

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